Live usb oSS 12.2 and virtualbox

Hello forum,

I have installed oSS 12.2 on my 16 G usb drive. I installed virtualbox and wanted to install win xp as guest os. As I don’t have enough space left on my usb drive so I’d like to make the .vdi file on the hard disk of a machine that I use.

I have tried but virtualbox wouldn’t let me choose a location other than the usb drive itself for the .vdi file. Is there any work around to make this possible?


You can, but it would require the hdd to be mounted on the USB install. Which is a problem if you put it in another machine if you use fstab. Try mounting the HDD first (mind, I don’t think this will work on a windu filesystem for permission reasons, but I could be wrong here), by accessing it through Dolphin. Then, in VBox create the VDI.
Warning: starting VBOX when booting from any other machine, or with the internal hdd not mounted, will result in Vbox errors.

First of all, I’m using a Gnome version. I don’t know if that makes a difference. So in fact I can mount the HDD without problem (by double click on its partition), but I still can’t choose anything out of my “Computer”, which is the highest level available.

BTW, there’s a .vbox and a related .vdi file which belong to the PC OS. I could double click the .vbox and it was automatically added in the virtualbox list, but in the storage column, it shows “Inaccessible” in bold.