Live USB OpenSUSE 11.2 cannot connect wirelessly!

I have a non-broadcast network (ad-hoc?) that I attempt to connect to via openSUSE 11.2 running off live USB. It does nothing. It never connects and when I view it with available networks it just shows the name and “insecure” (even though it’s WPA2Personal) and no percentage.

How do I get wireless to work?

Someone please help because this is my second attempt to get opensuse to work on this laptop (last time was when 11.1 came out). And I REALLY want opensuse on there but until I can get the live USB to work with wireless, I have to stick with fedora. :frowning:

1st of all, did you read the stickies in network/Internet sub forum.

Wireless - openSUSE Forums

Now, go through this thread, may be it will help.

Configuring Wireless USB - openSUSE Forums

Neither one of those help.

I am able to see networks in the area (though did not try any of them, I believe they’re all secure anyways) but for some reason a non-broadcasting network doesn’t work.

On this SAME computer, I’ve gotten Fedora 11, Windows XP and Moblin 2.0 to all connect with zero issues.

Any ideas?