Live Usb Key (again)

hi, i’m a windows user anyway i want to try to learn to use linux to do the same things. For the while, i’have just windows, 'cause i have just one usb key… then it s more easy to do under windows for me.

I tried Fedora with his live usb creator, it will more easy to see each distribution do the same thing, really. I change to opensuse for software compatibility… i don’t know how compile sources and want to learn step by step after have my operating system and software i need installed.

My problem is i can’t install opensuse on my usb key… i don’t why… i used unetbootin, my pc boot on my usb key. then i install on the usb key… i think and hope… Installation take sources by ftp server, not by an iso… 3-4 hours !!! then reboot and nothing…

it’s the same usb key i used with fedora… i tried after with fedora usbcreator… everything ok… can’t understand what happen.

Tks for your help… and sorry for errors, i’m french.

Welcome to openSUSE and to openSUSE forums.

You will find Linux runs horribly slow on a USB stick, and running Linux on a USB stick will give a very bad and misleading impression as to the speed of Linux.

As of openSUSE-11.1, openSUSE was not designed for USB stick operation. However it is possible to install it on a stick. One way is the method outlined here: How to Install SUSE to a USB Flash Drive | USB Pen Drive Linux where you need to download a liveCD iso file, burn the file to CD, and then boot to the liveCD, and then install on to the USB stick from the liveCD.

When I tried it, I found the USB install worked, until I tried the " wget ", and that broke the USB stick installation. It may be because I used a community KDE-4.3.2 CD for the installation, and not a SuSE-GmbH packaged KDE-4.1.3 CD.

But as long as you only want the USB to work on the same PC all the time, then you do not need the " wget " step.