Live USB - installation wizard to run?

Dear openSUSE community,

I’m new to the use of computers beyond the regular preconfigured Windows use. I will have to use Linux for a project I’m working on and choose for openSUSE. I will have to work on different desktop machines (no laptop available) and therefore I would like to use a ‘Live USB’ from which I can launch my openSUSE session regardless of which physical machine I’m working on.

I made a Live USB using the Leap 15.2 Live KDE x86_64 image and the Etcher software. Everything went fine and I can launch an openSUSE session using the USB (looks very beautiful!). On the openSUSE desktop, there’s an ‘Installation’ icon which launches the installation wizard to allow the creation of users, set time zone etc.

Should I go through this installation wizard? I’m a bit uncertain about the partitioning part. I tried to read section §3.7 of the Start-Up guide, but my knowledge about computers is not good enough to really understand this section. Will the partitioning affect the C: and/or D: drives of my Windows machine? Or will it only affect my F: drive, which is my USB flash drive? Or maybe I need to configure this using the Guided setup?

My USB is a 64 GB USB 3.0 flash drive and doesn’t need to be used for anything else than openSUSE.

Any feedback is appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

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When you go for installation, openSUSE will be installed on the system (and thus on the disk(s) that belong(s) to it). As I read your story, that is not what you want. You do not want to install it on the system, but continue to tun is from the USB as “live USB”.

Dear Henk,

Thank you for your clear answer. So I will not run the installation wizard to continue to use the USB as a “live USB”.

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It is one of the several possibilities to install openSUSE. The idea being that once you tried the Live version and you like it, you do not have to download and burn the installation ISO, but can start installation direct from the Live version.

BTW, I forgot to welcome you to the openSUSE forums. Enjoy openSUSE!