Live USB Creation Process Broken

I discovered that the openSUSE 13.2 x64 .iso is not compatible with standard apps like Yumi or LiLi for creating a USB installer. That’s the first time I’ve encountered that with a distro.
The wiki says to use SUSE Studio ImageWriter (doing this in Win7). This program demands to see a .raw file, but the openSUSE install media is .iso. You have to trick it into seeing the .iso, instead of being able to select the correct filetype like in a normal program. After doing this and selecting the .iso, ImageWriter will not detect any USB drive, and thus, I am unable to even get started.

Thank you

Yep no special handling needed It is boot ready.

ok Some Windows machines don’t work right and don’t like Imagewriter.

You don’t have to use Imagewriter. All you need to do is a binary copy to the device (not a partition). But If you don’t run Linux then use

In Linux you can do a direct copy yo the device

cp theopensuse.iso /dev/sdX where X is the USB device

or you can use dd also

Try Rufus:

Other distros’ isos are boot ready, too, and I don’t have any problems getting them on a flash drive with LiLi or Yumi.

Thanks. I did end up finding this after I posted. This has drawbacks, though I only need it temporarily. Hopefully I’ll someday be able to just add openSUSE alongside the other distros on my Yumi drive.

Not really some other OS require mods to boot from a USB openSUSE does not. A straight binary copy works. Last time I used cp but I was doing it from Linux not from Windows.

Problem with Imagewriter is that it does not always work on newer Windows versions. I guess no one wants to spend the time updating it though. But there are lots of solution.

And Yumi can’t handle it so it does not work. Note that Yumi applies changes and changes break openSUSE ISO One solution is not to image teh ISO but to sinstall to the USB if you want a live USB with multiple OS