Live DVD?

Is it possible to have a Live DVD?

Then you could boot just like the Live CDs, but have GNOME and KDE on it so you can choose at boot, instead of downloading both live cds…

Sounds like the PromoDVD - openSUSE - but this has never been made available for download so far.

paulroberts20 wrote:

> Is it possible to have a Live DVD?

It may not be joy to have it.
I’ve read overview of Knoppix that DVD is not as fast as CD version.
You can have both desktops at the same time using VirtualBox or install both
and login in one session as KDE and another desktop session as GNOME.
I use that for KDE3 and KDE4, but I use also another user for KDE4.

Regards, Rajko needs helpful hands.