Live cpu frequency indicator

Hello. Do you know any programme that can show live the cpu frequency. I use a laptop and I want to check easily how the cpu frequency changes.

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What desktop environment? On Gnome you can add an applet to the panel, in KDE4 there are widgets(?) you can also do it from the command line if you have cpufrequtils installed.

Thanks for your reply. I am using kde. I would like to have an applet / program that just shows the numerical value of the current cpu speed and not a bar or graph.
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There is a widget called “Command Watch” which displays the output of a given cli command.

Now all you would need is the proper cli command for the current cpu speed.

cat /proc/cpuinfo
gives you infos about your cpu, including the current frequency.

sed -n ‘7p’ /proc/cpuinfo
displays line #7 from ‘/proc/cpuinfo’ , which in my case at least holds the info about the processor speed. Now, if I feed this command to a “Command Watch” widget and set it to update once per second or so, I have a display of the current cpu speed on the desktop, or on a panel, or whereever.

However, I am not that good with cli commands, and I have no idea whether that last command here is a good one.

Command Watch (openSUSE 11.3): Search Results

Too late for an edit. With the cpufrequtils, which MalcolmLewis mentioned, installed you could use:
cpufreq-info -f -m
Or whatever might be appropriate.

Hey I was jut about to post something like that :wink:

cpufreq-info -fmc 0
cpufreq-info -fmc 1
cpufreq-info -o

Look at the man page for all the switches…

gkrellm has two plugins to show the live cpu frequency :