Live CD WiFi ?

Does the SuSe 11 Live CD have a WiFi setup wizard or do you have to install to get WiFi ?

Many of openSUSE’s pre-installed native-wifi-drivers require firmware that
they do NOT pre-install, so the odds of having wifi work right from the LiveCD
aren’t very good. (I didn’t try installing firmware while booted under a LiveCD,
as my device also had the new-but-broken ‘ath5k’ driver installed, but not the working
‘ath_pci’ (which also won’t configure correctly, so I resorted to ‘ndiswrapper’).

Bottom-line…openSUSE 11.0 has so many wireless glitches that the idea
of a LiveCD for wifi evaluation is moot. You need post-install patches,
and/or firmware, etc, to get most wireless devices working.