live cd reading nfts

Before installing I want to move some data. I have the 11.0 live running. I have a Sata drive in an external enclosure from my laptop connected. I’m planning on installing 11.0 on my Toshiba laptop. I have Ubuntu installed on the Sata drive and want to move files to my vista computer(running the live cd) then return the drive to the laptop and install 11.0. Suse reads the Sata drive correctly, but I can’t mount the drive on my vista computer to put the files on. How do I mount the drives with the live cd? It said to right click, but I don’t see any mount option.


I know what I want to say to you but I need a bit more information so I can write more sensibly:

When you attach (to the vista computer) “the drive” containing the files you want to transfer, what does the live CD see as the drive device name (like sda1 for example) of the target partition on the vista computer? Is that target drive an NTFS partition (probably yes)?

What does the live CD see as the drive device name (like sdb3 for example) on the attached drive that contains the files you want to transfer across? What is the filesystem of the partition on the attached drive containing the files?