live cd problem

Hi all,

Recently I have strange problem in my notebook HP2230s. I cannot boot from KDE 4.4 Live cd. I also try LXDE openSUSE 11.2 live cd, same result. I verify the MD5 and all the iso download is ok. I try the same cd to another laptop, Dell ATG, it works flawlessly.

So I thought there is a problem with my laptop BIOS. I download the new BIOS from HP and install it but the problem persist.

I have another live cd image that I made using susestudio, no problem with this one. I can boot it as live cd in my notebook.

If someone here uses the same notebook can you confirm this issue or point me to the right direction?

Any help very much appreciated.

CDs burned on one PC, can on occasion not work on another PC. Even when all the best precautions were applied. These precautions are always burn to a +R or -R CD (and not to an RW) and always burn at the slowest speed the burner allows.

But despite this, because the calibrations of the burner may be significantly different from the calibration of the CD player, this can happen. Your best bet in that case is to either replace the CD player that is not reading properly, or burn on another PC that has a calibration that is closer to the PC in which you plan to boot the liveCD.

oldcpu thanks for your reply.

I burned a DVD-R in my HP2230s laptop with the lowest speed 10x, but I cannot boot using it in that laptop. What is strange is that I can use it to boot another laptop, in this case a Dell ATG.

I try to make a live-usb in the same laptop, also I cannot boot using it. But it works in Dell ATG.

Hmmm… maybe something wrong with my HP2230s