Live CD on usb key

I have made many attempts at getting the live CD to boot from a usb key with no success. I have read the various tutorials, including a kiwi method. There seems to be something missing.

What (and where) is the executable file that boots the system? I used the Imagewriter to create my key. It has a syslinux.conf file but I see no executable called syslinux. I see nothing in the boot folder that is executable either.

The tutorial that has the imagewriter method has little detail. The kiwi tutorial has exquisite detail but it applies to kiwi and I can’t figure out how to “translate” it. There must be something very simple that I am missing. I tried this on 2 different machines and it failed 2 different ways.


You checked the integrity of the liveCD ISO ? You followed this how-to SDB:Live USB stick - openSUSE and everything went fine in dumping the ISO on the USB key ?

I didn’t check the iso. I know I should but have never had a problem. Now, however, I suspect something is wrong with it. A new download is in order!

I did use the SDB page as well as the KIWI page and the unetbootin page. I still think the process could be better explained! I relied on the page you suggested to set things up.