Live cd login

I’ve downloaded the live cd and ran it but it come to a log in screen. Whats the user and password I need to use.

What, you mean as in a black screen with a text login? In that case the live CD didn’t work. You’re supposed to get a desktop without having to login. Sorry, you’ll need to post more details about your computer for us to help you getting the live CD to work.

I have suse 11 and I’m trying to upgrade to 11.1 and the log in screen for suse comes up and it says live-cd user,under that it says linux and it has the log in boxes.What else do you need to know about my computer. I’ve downloaded the live cd twice and they both do the same thing. My bios is set to boot from the cd and nothing else. Thanks for the help.

I don’t think you can upgrade versions using the live CD.

Anyway most people recommend backing up your personal files and doing a fresh install. You may not have to restore your personal files if you have a separate partition for /home, but you should backup just in case.

Sorry by upgrade I meant fresh install. Any suggestions?

Sorry, something is going wrong. It’s supposed to put you in a desktop right away without a login. I’ll leave it to the experts. I usually install using the DVD.

Last time i used a live cd the user and password was linux


I tried that too but it says login failed.

I have the login problem with the version 11.1 live disk on an IBM Thinkpad. I’ve tried the same disk on two other machines and it works perfectly(goes directly into the desktop).

On the Thinpad it simply comes up with the logon screen and its game over! This is not a video driver problem / text install. I’ve got a nice green screen with a user icon and logon box.

The machine has been running version 11 for some time with no problems. I’ve no idea what’s going on!