Live Cd Installation Issue

Hello ,
i’m running on asus k52f notebook with 2 OS, linux and win
i wanted to try OpenSuse so
i’ve downloaded open suse Gnome live cd 64 bit
in the main menu if i select Installation
during the install , the kernel (if i’m not wrong ) write some errors , about I/O , there were quite a few , then it says Init: no more proceses left in this runlevel
if i push a side button on my mouse it switches to
Fatal Server Error
Could not create lockfile in /tmp/tx0-lock

i’ve also tried to use the live cd but while loading it gets to a green screen then it kinda stops , the cdrom stops , and it just stays like that until i get bored

i would be curious what is going wrong.

So we have a couple of Live CD’s, one for KDE and one for Gnome and if neither will work, it does not bode well for getting the present openSUSE version to work on your computer. By working, we mean run from the Live CD and not installing it just yet. If you can get the Live CD to work, installing openSUSE may be possible, though you could need to add a couple of kernel load options, if we can assume the install works, but you then can not start openSUSE and get it to run. So, if the install does not complete, it might be best to look at a different Linux Distribution. The question to you is, did you get openSUSE to work from a Live CD without installing it? When you tried the install, are we saying the install does not complete? Finally, have you tried any other versions of Linux on your PC?

Thank You,

well i mentioned i’m already using Linux , ubuntu more exactly
i didnt try KDE as i’m not interesed in installing it
no , i didnt manage to run Live cd as it gets to a screen and just shows the pointer as working(ofc i waited but since i dont hear the cd i’m guessing that it does nothing)
installation also stops while loading , i didnt get to the Installation settings

n0th1ng I never say never, but perhaps openSUSE 11.3 is not for you. I think there are some issues with the default 2.6.34 kernel caused by bad timing on the release (which was not really openSUSE’s fault) and some issues with video since sax2 was removed (which could have been handled better in hindsight). I really have a good feeling about the next openSUSE 11.4 version when it comes out next year as these issues will be over come by then. Until then, you got to stick with what works in my opinion. Good luck in what ever you decide to do n0th1ng and reconsider us next year.

Thank You,

well i’ve downloaded the 32 bit , and it runs in a virtual box
when i try’ed the 64 bit it didnt worked ,
well from what i’ve searched 64 bit should work on i3 processors
i have win x64 and is working fine

well i’ve downloaded the 32 bit , and it runs in a virtual box
In my opinion n0th1ng, running openSUSE 32 bit in virtual box is your best solution. It uses less memory, is more compatible with everything and is the most over all best solution I can see in your present situation.

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