live cd boot problem

i have downloaded live cd of suse 11.1 gnome via torrent burned it through nero as burn image(following all steps) now when i boot from the cd it give the screen with title opensuse gnome on top . on selecting it linux kernel loads to 100% after that a screen come with title opensuse after that nothin happens.
wat could go wrong?

Did you check the Md5 sum?
From the boot menu, you can select something like “check media…”.
That will give hints, that what is going wrong.

on clicking “check installation media” same screen with title openSUSE comes .
it seems like a small white progress bar but it remains still

sorry it showed some some results after some time
it is
md5 chechsum error
err: sector 72896
code: abc4e0e6b49912b5f821d6569ac88663
can something be done now?

Burn a new CD. This time burn it very slowly!

As Caf mentioned burn it slowly, like if CD speed is 24x, burn it with 16x. If its RW CD, then burn it with 4x instead of 10x.

just want to confirm
is the downloaded os is fine

You can check the integrity of the downloaded image before you burn a DVD, with checksum comparison as explained here:

Download Help - openSUSE

os? do you mean operating system. You had downloaded 11.1, which is the latest stable release of openSUSE, 11.2 will release in mid of November.
If your system support 64bit, use 64 bit version of 11.1.
I would prefer KDE instead of Gnome, but this is your choice.

wormulove wrote:
> just want to confirm is the downloaded os is fine

begin here:

pay particular attention to steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (get the idea?)