Live CD Boot Fails

Trying to boot 11.1 from a LiveCD
All goes well until I see the standard green Login screen which asks for username and password which is probably incorrect for the LiveCD. I’ve tried entering nothing and root toor.
I suspect I’m at a point where I have some unannounced error.
Attempt is on a Presario Laptop (Celeron -512MB)
Any ideas ?

Is this a CD you have burned yourself. ?

There is no login. You could try this.

Boot the cd, at the menu to boot the live session, use backspace to delete all boot arguments and then just type the number: 3

Now at the prompt login just type: root
hit enter, there is no password

now type: startx

If you have graphics issues you can do this:
**sax2 -r -m 0=vesa
then try startx