Live CD 11.3 Installation - insufficient memory message

I have been running 11.3 from LiveCD for a while now with acceptable results and decided to do the install. Before the install gets underway I receive the following message:

“Your computer has less then 1 GB of memory. It may not be enough for live installation especially when installing while running other applications. Before continuing finish running applications.”

No where in the documentation have I found anything stating what the memory requirement is for Live CD installation. I chose to do this install because the stated minimum recommended memory for 11.3 is 512 MB, not 1 GB. So what gives? I am thinking maybe this memory requirement might depend on whatever has to happen in the course of installation, such as repartitioning of the disk, among other things.

  1. Does anyone know what the real memory requirement is to install 11.3?

  2. Regarding the other applications, to my knowledge the only thing running is the installation procedure. There are no other applications. What else could possibly be running?

  3. Are there other methods I can use to install 11.3 on a system with the minimum stated required memory (512 MB)?


I am installing on an older system - AMD Athlon 1.6 GHz with 512 MB memory (maximum), 60 GB disk (defragmented and ~50% unused). This system previously ran Windows XP until performance became so poor with each new patch or upgrade I couldn’t stand it anymore. So, I don’t really care if I lose the contents of Windows partitions in the course of installation. Personal data is safe on offline media. I know, I should buy new hardware, but I would like to squeeze a little more use out of this system before junking it.

I welcome any input.

You could try this way
Text mode install from liveCD

or get a DVD version

hooksp wrote:

> I welcome any input.

if you boot into the Live CD and then click on the install icon that
will take about 1 gig of RAM because it has to run the Live session
AND the install session…so, boot from the CD and at the first green
screen select Install rather than run live (or whatever it says)…

as far as i know these are the requirements to RUN the system:

  • Pentium* III 500 MHz or higher processor (Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or
    higher or any AMD64 for Intel* EM64T processor recommended)
  • 512 MB physical RAM (1 GB recommended)
  • 3 GB available disk space (more recommended)
  • 800 x 600 display resolution (1024 x 768 or higher recommended)

so, if running a Live CD in a 512 system, you don’t have enough ram
left to also run the install…so, do it the way i described…or
as caf said (install from DVD…which is like installing from the live
cd which is NOT also supporting a live session)

and, by the way, you will have a much more responsive system with 512
if you install any of the less RAM hungry desktop environments…KDE
eats the most, and Gnome the next most…so, try LXDE or XFCE or or
or or or or or or or and you can FLY!!

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What I ended up doing was running the LiveCD anyway to see where it would fail and, sure enough, it failed while resizing a partition. So, I went into Yast and did some repartitioning, essentially blowing away the big Windows and recovery partitions. Then rebooted and installed from LiveCD. It ran successfully, with only 512MB.

As I recall the message said it MAY fail. It didn’t say it WILL fail. So, it does kind of depend on what you have to do during installation.

I am running gnome. I will check out these some of these other desktop environments.

Thanks for the info and tips.