Live boot problem

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My Lenovo Lappy died so ive purchased a Acer Aspire 5336 decided to try OS KDE Live dvd on it first to see if it all worked, Wireless works which was main thing but…

If i boot into the Live CD the screen goes off :’( The only way i can get it to work is if i plug in a HDMI and use my TV as a monitor?

Is it i need to install extra Drivers from Yast for Graphics card?

Help would be appreciated as ive had 4 years of trouble free Opensuse + Lenovo


So have you tried going into the KDE Menu, Personnel Settings, Display and Monitor, Size & Orientation to see if both monitors exists and if you can make the internal monitor the default?

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On 04/23/2011 05:36 PM, AndrewjBarratt wrote:
> Help would be appreciated as ive had 4 years of trouble free Opensuse +
> Lenovo

you might try having a help from here:

it sounds like what you have going on…try the nomodeset trick, listed
as “The 1st thing to try” not far down the page…

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Perfect i unplugged HDMI and tried nomodeset and it works thanks mate! Next questions HDMI will display on TV but sound still on laptop? that someting that needs setting up in OS once its installed? Never had HDMI Laptop so its all new

nomodeset force the install of lower grade but more reliable drivers. So you will need to install the propritary driver for your video chip set. Which is???

Do this after you do the actual install. Doing it for a live cd is spitting into the wind. It will go away after you shut down.

Yep doing the install in the morning now at work at moment, The idea of the Live CD was to check that stuff actually worked ie Wireless,Graphics etc

If it didnt i was going to box it back up and sent it back