Live 11.3 CD and Dell Inspiron a bad omen?

Thot I’d try the Live CD before a full install on new Inspiron M5010, AMD Athlon II P320 dual core, 3GB ram, ATI HD 550v (perhaps) video. Upon boot in VESA mode, no graphics video, but ends with a lot of text error messages flowing by. When everything finishes, no cursor, but some messages on screen like:
[1.016603] pci 0000:00:16.2: address space collision: [mem 0xff704000-0xff7040ff] conflicts with pci bus 0000:00 [mem 0xf0000000-0xffffffff]
[1.016846] pci 0000:02:00.1: no compatible bridge window for [mem 0xff630000-0xff633fff]
Clonezilla (based on Ubuntu) doesn’t run in “normal” or in “safe graphics settings”(disable frame buffer, vga=normal), but only in “failsafe mode”(acpi=off irqpoll noapic noapm nodma nomce nolapic nosmp vga=normal nosplash)
Is there any hope for 11.3 on this benighted machine?

Thanks much for any help…

Have a look at this
Text mode install from liveCD

Does 11.3 liveCD run in fail safe mode ?

How confident are your that your CD burn quality is good. Apologies, but it is essential that I ask. Did you compare the md5sum of the downloaded iso file against the md5sum posted on the download website? Did you burn to a hiqh quality CD at the slowest speed your burner allows ? Did you burn to a +R or a -R and not to an RW ?

To: OldCPU
Thanks for the quick reply.
The live CD on the laptop never gets to the point where a failsafe mode choice is allowed. It stops (hangs, actually) with the screen full of error msgs like I quoted above.
The live CD is a -R, and on one of my (XP) desktops, it boots and runs fine, and the media check says ‘good’.
I’m leaning towards trying a full dual boot 11.3 install (can’t hurt, right?) and see what happens then - any advice?
I’ve been running openSUSE since 10.0, and the machine I’m on right now is 11.2 on an ancient Duron 900MHz with 384k ram - runs like Jack the Bear.

I don’t think I made myself clear. If you can boot in vesa mode, it means you did get to the point. When the first green screen comes up, you will find the fail safe mode boot selection.](

However liveCd likely will struggle with 90Mz and 384K of RAM. Try the LXDE liveCD:

and try a text install as noted in caf4926’s link:

Sorry for the confusion – when I was describing the Duron machine, it is my current working computer for 95% of tasks. The live CD is being used on the new Inspiron laptop.

The opening screen is similar to what you show above, except it has a blue background instead of green, and the F3 video mode options only list:
Text Mode
800 x 600
1024 x 768

I’ve tried them all, except text mode, with the same error messages.

Ok, but underneath the “openSUSE-LXDE-11.2” example screen shot I provided, you also will see : “FailSafe – openSUSE-LXDE-11.2

Do you see that (or something similar) ? Also take a look at the options under the “F4 Kernel Default” entry (or something similar).


Under F4 Kernal Default IS “Failsafe”. And choosing failsafe allows the Open 11.3 CD to run with full graphics (at least Solitaire works <g>).
Don’t know what the implications are for running the full 11.3 distro, but I am in the midst of installing now – and again, no video unless I select “failsafe”.

As an aside, is there any reason I shouldn’t use the 64 bit version of 11.3 as long as the hardware is compliant?

Thanks again for all your time and help!


Excellent ! That means progress.

In fact, failsafe boot/install is identical to a regular boot/install, except it has MANY additional boot codes that are applied so as to have an incredibly conservative and a bit limited install.

After you install, its possible you will need to boot in FailSafe or Safe Settings (I can’t recall exact name) and then it would probably help if you could determine precisely what boot code(s) are/is the one(s) that enable your GUI to work.

In truth, I recommend the 64-bit more than the 32-bit, hardware permitting. The VAST majority of the developers and the packagers (and indeed the testers) are using 64-bit systems, and hence openSUSE Linux users are now either at the cross roads, or have passed the cross roads, where 64-bit systems in openSUSE Linux tend to be superior to 32-bit (IMHO).

Just a final followup –

I completed the 64 bit install on the Inspiron (got the warning about the boot loader not being installed in a partition entirely below 128 GB, but I trucked on regardless after reading a couple of comments in these forums) and all is good.

The laptop boots fine into Win7 and 11.3.

With an 11.3 boot, it works perfectly on the default boot setting, not needing the “failsafe” settings. I noticed amongst the modules to be installed by 11.3 a “laptop” module. Perhaps it embodies the intelligence to modify the boot parameters to accomodate whatever was causing the video problem with the live CD?

So far, there is only one small problem – the laptop will not power off from 11.3 (it does from Win7). The Iggy splash comes up, the thermometer runs the full distance, and then nothing. A push on the power button brings in down instantly. Since I haven’t had time to do the proper due diligence, this is just a comment, not a request for assistence.

A thousand thanks again for your help and quick responses …