Little screen hassle

Evenin’ all!

Got a quick question…
I just switched over to KDE instead of Gnome and almost everything works fine.
Got one minor problem:
If I want to change the settings on K-programs (Kmail and Ktorrent)
the bottom of the screens is out of limit.
I tried tweeking the dimensions and position but the program won’t let me. Changing the advanced settings won’t help.
I’m working on a 10" Asus netbook with GF 9300.
I’ve got the Nvidia driver properly set.

Can anybody help?

Many thnx

You might be able to make adjustment with: Right click the top of the window (border) and select Advanced - Special Window Settings

Also if you can’t reach an area of the window you can move it by holding ALT and clicking anywhere inside it and dragging (without ALT you have to click and drag the title bar). Make sure you set the option “allow maximized windows to be moved” (or something like that) in the appropriate window behavior section in KDE control center.