Listing LAN IP addresses

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I have recently installed a new gateway on my LAN and was forced to DHCP all of my client thicknet systems. Before installation of this new gateway I was able to statically address my clients from my original gateway. Now, because the new gateway does not indicate what its address is, I am not able to learn or discover its address.

Question; Is there a command or utility available to list or display all the IP addresses in use on my LAN? I’m running a peer-to-peer network with no primary file server in use.

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Jet Driver

Use arp-scan;

zypper in arp-scan
arp-scan --localnet

Thank you, Malcolm, for the command. You are very helpful. Many thanks.

nmap comes to mind:

nmap -sn

If your box has talked to all other boxes recently (within a bunch of
seconds) you could also query arp tabes:

ip neigh

Good luck.

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Thank you, AB, for your help. Looks like a useful command. Eager to use it. You and Malcolm are very helpful. Many thanks.

Jet Driver

Thank you to Malcolm and AB for providing solutions. Your suggestions were what I was looking for. Worked very well.

Many thanks,

Jet Driver