Listen for lock screen shortcut only when idle, Gnome 3.2

Not sure how to entirely title this properly so I will explain the best I can. I am guessing something like devilspie may be able to achieve this but I have no experience with it, nor have I ever attempted anything like this.

Before I explain, I want to mention I don’t care if it modifies the Gnome Shell method of locking the screen, but I essentially hope to be able to use the spacebar to lock the screen, so I may also need to use something else for the keybinding

Basically, after a desired set amount of time lets say 5 minutes, of being idle; that is there is no input activity from keyboard or mouse, I would like to be able to hit the spacebar to lock the screen, regardless of any other settings. I want it to over-ride anything possible and just lock the screen when hitting space, but only if it detects the machine is idle as I said. so the space bar would ONLY lock the screen if the machine has been idle for i.e 5 minutes.

If I sounded redundant I apologize, I just wanted to try to be more clear about what I hope to achieve.



This might not seem useful, but a good example would be when I listen to music, I use something like Caffeine to disable the screensaver/lock screen. I want it disabled, but I’d like to have a simple hotkey to lock the screen when I choose to, and space bar is ideal because it’s the most readily available key at any given time, and just hitting it to lock the screen makes sense, but it would only be a logical solution if it’s only active when idle.

Otherwise I can just use something like ctrl+space, it just sucks using 2 keys because sometimes in a rush I might miss hitting them both and it’s always a sure thing when hitting the space bar, not to mention just fast enough to be perfect.


I would think something more advanced like this would be appealing to someone. For now I am just using a normal shortcut again.

I don’t know if this is possible, but someone on the Gnome mailing list should. Why don’t you ask there?

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