Listaller Test

I want to test the listaller: Listaller Project 0.4 version, that I must compile manual…

I am a Ubuntuuser and I don’t know how to do that in openSUSE…

Hi there,

Is there a specific point in the compilation process your having trouble with?

The basics process to compile things in Suse is practically identical to Ubuntu or any other flavor of Linux. Ensure you have gcc installed and any required libraries, and then (usually) begin the build with the configure script, then make and make install. Unless someone here happens to know the particular build procedure of Listaller, I am afraid you’ll have to provide some more information.

Basically, you should follow the same steps you used to compile it on any other platform and report any errors you encounter.

Lews Therin

i need the newest fpc compiler and the newest version of Lazarus…

but it is not possible to get this because ther are some problems with dependencies

has someone any idea?

Either download the fedora 11 src rpms from here and edit them for
Else ask the packager if he will update and build for openSUSE.

The other one is to check the spec file for the dependencies to build
from source. If you using Gnome, you can right-click n the downloaded
src rpm and extract-here, not sure if it’s the same for KDE.

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The only way of getting 0.4 of Linstaller I found is by Ubuntu DEB packages LINK (try converting it with alien), and considering even 0.3 is beta why do you need 0.4?

did i say 0.4? i mean the trunk version…

because I am tester…

i download the source with subversion…

and i download ther fpc source with subversion… and compile them…

the compiling of fpc finished with no errors…

but for listaller 0.4 i need the newest not finished version of lazarus…