List packages by description

Hello everybody!

How can I list files by description from your repository? Is it possible to do it on your website or with commanline tools? I am searching WindowMaker dockapps in most of linux distributions, to count how many each of them has.

Thank you for any help you can provide me with!

Type WindowMaker in the search box.

This may be what you’re after, or it may not be. The results return the
WindowMaker package as well as a couple of sub-packages for ‘applets’ and

The way I’d do it otherwise is using zypper from an installed system:


zypper se windowmaker

but that requires that you have access to some kind of installed system;
also this way would only search repositories to which the installed system
is subscribed.

Good luck.

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Not sure there are that many around the standard repos but if you:
open Yast2 >> Software Management >> Click on the top left >> View >> Package Groups and finally >> Other Desktops

Hello and welcome here.

While other people allready are trying to understand what you want (see above), my question to you would what you mean by “your repository”. (in fact none of them is owned by any one here ;)).

openSUSE comes standard with four (4) repositiories where two of them are fed with security/recommended updates for packages in the other two. So in fact every openSUSE version has the OSS and non-OSS repos.

But beside OSS and non-OSS there are many repos. They can be categorised as more or less “official” or “trusted”. Packman comes to mind as well as a few others that you can see when you with YaST > Software > Repositories add a repo “from the community”.

Next category are the many repos that are maintained on the Open Build Service.

Thus I guess that you first have to decide which of those you want to include in your search.