List of Styles in LibreOffice's tabbed interface are unreadable with KDE dark theme

Hi, I am loving KDE Dark Theme but the integration across some applications seem inconsistent. In particular, I am using the tabbed interface for LibreOffice. The list of Styles is very close to its white background and is virtually unreadable. See link to attached screenshot: I tried to search for a theme / setting in LibreOffice to fix the issue but to no avail. Not sure if this is a KDE issue and/or LibreOffice issue. Is there anyone else with the same experience? Is there a solution or workaround?

On a side note…is it possible to attach a screenshot in thread like this? It looks like I can only include a link to an external file. If so, how can I insert or include a screenshot with my question or response?



You can upload images to , choose “image” upper-right, also set to “never expire”.
Post the URL of the page her (not the URL of the image).


That Alphabet/Google screenshot takes ages to load – with a 50 MBit/s downstream DSL link to my ISP …

To your issue – in LibreOffice → Tools → Options → LibreOffice → View → Symbol style –

  • Choose “Breeze Dark” – or, any of the other “Dark” styles.

BTW, thanks for the hint – I’ve now changed to “Colibre (SVG)” – I’m an Oxygen fan and, find Breeze to be rather flat – 2 dimensional – may be OK for small mobile telephone screens and/or Redmond systems but, to be perfectly honest I don’t like it on a reasonably large monitor …

Libreoffice is Gnome so did you check in Settings - Configure Desk top - Application Style Gnome apps