List of Netbooks

I see that HP was selling a Netbook that included SLED.

I was wondering if any other netbooks or laptops are being sold with openSUSE/SLED/SLES installed?

Also, is there any problems with putting openSUSE on any of the other Netbooks (Acer Aspire, Dell Mini 9, Asus EeePC, Lenovo S10, etc.)

Some HP and IBM notebooks come with SLED 10 but there have been some
issues with the intel graphics and the HP’s seem to have the 5100
wireless nics which aren’t support with the current kernel…

Best if you can try a live CD in anything and take a usb stick to copy
output from hdwinfo, lsub, lspci etc and review.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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The Lenovo S10e comes with SLED. It’s available later this month.

I have a dv6000 hp notebook with the atheros ar5007 wifi card and opensuse 11.1 found my card out of the box the blue light on my wifi indicator doesn’t turn blue but it does work opensuse is the only linux distro yet to work with this notebook if i could get the nvidia driver installed i would be a happy camper

You should be ‘rockin’ with SUSE

There is a list here


I’ve got an Asus EeePC 900 with openSUSE 11.0 on it. Works fine, I installed it from a live CD and there is plenty of info on various forums to get it working.

Only thing I did not get to work is all the FN-keys and the suspend mode. Some FN keys work (like volume). I also did not do anything to the kernel.

I wish I had more time to tweak the install, could be a really good learning project as I am relatively new to Linux and Suse.