List of applications in 11.4?

Was wondering if there is a list anywhere to the applications included in the Live CD versions of openSUSE?

I’m curious about whether it is LibreOffice or OpenOffice, whether Firefox comes installed or not, Konquerer or Rekonq(?), etc. so I can determine if I want to download the Live CD (which is only 2 hours and usually is successful) or the DVD (which takes 15+ hours, bogs down the network for everybody in the house and is only successful some of the time).

I’d rather not download one and have to rip out and replace a lot of programs. Yes, I know about the Netinstall option as well, but it still takes a huge amount of time and clogs my bandwidth for everybody in the house.

(Screenshots in the CodingStudio for 11.4 M1 shows OpenOffice :(, but that isn’t necessarily precise. )

I’ll probably end up downloading the LiveCD anyway for trying to get an article into our Newsletter by this weekend, but I’m curious about what is in both of them.


On Tue, 08 Mar 2011 21:36:02 +0000, dragonbite wrote:

> LibreOffice or OpenOffice

Everything I’ve been reading is that 11.4 will be the first distribution
to include LibreOffice instead of OpenOffice.

Not sure on the others, though.


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It’s not on the LiveCD it gets pulled in along with Flash, the mp3
plugin etc at your first visit to YaST Software Management on
the Gnome one. Firefox is 4.0 Beta12

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On 2011-03-08 22:36, dragonbite wrote:
> Was wondering if there is a list anywhere to the applications included
> in the Live CD versions of openSUSE?

There is a file in the root of suse install media containing the list of
files and another the list of packages. I don’t know about the CD, but the
DVD has it.

The list can be downloaded separately from the root of the repos, but then
it would list the repo content, not the dvd content.


ARCHIVES.gz 07-Jul-2010 10:54 29M Details
INDEX.gz 07-Jul-2010 10:54 167K Details
content 07-Jul-2010 10:55 19K Details

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Yeah, I know the DVD has everything but that’s difficult to download successfully.

I realized while driving that this is a foolish question. I just have to suck it up and plan on downloading the LiveCD tomorrow (Thursday?) and try it out on my own.

Here’s to hoping I can get it in time to write an article. At the very least I can base it off of the Release Notes but it would be really cool to be able to use first-hand experience accounts :wink:

I’ve started to use just the LiveCD these past couple of releases, simple to download and use SuSE Image Writer to pop it onto a USB device, boot and just run the installer. It at least gets you up and running. If you want to take your time installing, just use zypper from the command line to pull in packages you require if you have a slow internet connection rather than the ~300MB of stuff when you run YaST Software Installer for the first time. Else you could look at using SuSE Studio, I think they will have 11.4 available on release day.

I agree with malcolmlewis. I ve started to use the LiveCD past couple of releases as well. I do not use SuSE Image Writer and simply download applications according to my need. I think that list of applications is quite useless.

Here is a list of the rpms installed fro the 11.4 Gnome LiveCD, SUSE Paste

Now I deleted the vmware ones and the kmp, 5 in all, and add bootchart, cpufrequtils, acpi and sensors.