LIRC not starting (no /dev/lirc)

I’m running SuSE 11 with kernel x86_64. I put together a machine with a KWorld ATSC115 TV tuner card for HTPC uses. The card functions as a tuner perfectly.

I’ve run into trouble getting the remote control working, however. I have run into a few patches for older kernels, but they don’t work applied to the current kernel, and I would rather not downgrade. YaST seems to recognize that there is an IR device present- when configuring my tuner card through “TV Cards,” the last menu I see is “Infrared Control Configuration.” I click on “Use IRC” with kernel module “ir-kbd-i2c.” When I hit “Test” it goes to the IRC Test screen but throws an error “the testing application is not responding.” It does this whether lircd is running or not.

So, I go to the command line and try to manually configure the remote. I run mode2 and it returns:
mode2: error opening /dev/lirc
mode2: No such file or directory

So I see what’s running under root with ps -U root, and the lircd process seems to have died after I started it. Jump over to the system messages and I see:
lircd-0.8.3[8311]: could not get file information for /dev/lirc
lircd-0.8.3[8311]: default_init(): No such file or directory

So I suppose my question is, why don’t have have a /dev/lirc? Shouldn’t lircd create one? What do I need to do for one to be created?

Thanks in advance.