LinuxShark - Linux Distro based On openSUSE

LinuxShark is a linux distro based on openSUSE 11.3

We have been working on LinuxShark since the last 1 year.

The current and latest release is 3 R1

We have the KDE desktop environment, VLC, Pidgin, Firefox, ThunderBird and many more apps pre installed…

Download LinuxShark From Here :
Its Coming For You

Please Reply With Any Reviews Or Suggestions :slight_smile:

Hello speedbus and welcome to the community!:slight_smile:

Looks great!:wink:

Haven’t tried it yet but saw the startup video.
It still looks a lot like openSUSE.
But I assume you’re going to change that to an own brand + mascot.

Here some questions.
Does it still use the openSUSE repositories? Or are you planning to make your own?
You say you’ve based it on openSUSE 11.3, but in the startup video the branding of is the one from 11.2?

Maybe I’m going to give this a try so I can give a review.
Overall I think it could be a fun openSUSE based distro!

Good luck!:wink:

please don’t take this as anything other than questions:

what is different between openSUSE and Linux Shark?

i mean, is it just the same with changed Logos and less packages?

or more packages? (is it openSUSE with all codecs and multimedia apps

improved speed? (boot speed, shutdown speed, browsing speed, what?)

less hardware supported?

what was you goal when you began this process? did you reach it?

CAVEAT: [posted via NNTP w/openSUSE 10.3]
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Well… It Has Many Many More Apps compared to openSUSE (Really !)

It Has VLC, FireFox, OpenOffice, InkScape, Pidgin And Many Many More Apps…

About The Video On The Site : Its The Old Version… New Version Screenshots Can Be Found Here : Imgkk - next generation image hosting

It Uses openSUSE repository’s… we had our own… but a sponsor host stopped the sponsorship… which removed about 40 GB of files… (RPM etc) for LinuxShark…

We are in the process of making the repo again…

We will be having a mascot and good new branding soon :slight_smile:

Please do write a review about us… and the features of LinuxShark… :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

The goals are many… and we are moving in all directions to achieve them, some of them are :

  1. Making a good distro for all PC’s (Old, New)
  2. Making it a OS which is very good for day to day use and out-of-the box use…

We need to work on our branding… :slight_smile:

Improved speed : yes a bit … it boots about 2 -3 Secs faster than opensuse… as many start up scripts are disabled… and are started only when the app is started…

Hardware support… we have included 1 - 2 Nvdia drivers… in the OS…

Browsing speed… Good, In fact Very Good… As We Support Google Chrome (Which Is A Very Fast Browser, JS Engine and less ram usage)

we plan of having our own repo soon… (we had 1 but it went down… as our sponsor host stopped the sponsorship… we had about 40 GB of data .rpm etc… )

Hope these helps (answers) your questions :slight_smile:

Also… if Possible please join our community : LinuxShark Forum • Index page and report bugs in LinuxShark Here : My View - MantisBT

Thanks :slight_smile:

Has language support?

I’m not interested, but there is still the question of which kind of “openSUSE based” distro you will be. Based on openSUSE as Mandriva is based on Red Hat (forked years ago and more different with every release), or as Ubuntu is based on Debian (with a sync every release).

Do we really need yet another Linux distro? With all due respect, I fail to see the added value of that project (and of many Linux distros, for that matter).

Yes, Other Languages can be installed easily !

And with SuSE Studio the world is your oyster :wink:

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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:wink: Hope You Enjoy The Distro !

why opensuse is behind ubuntu, fedora, mint for desktop(more less)
why opensuse is behind redhat for server(more less)
although opensuse has easiest and best groundwork for distros(suse studio has real potencial, it just needs more ad)
because it doesnt have a powerfull forked distro based on opensuse.
opensuse is all alone in this hard way
i think opensuse needs a powerfull little brother/sister to shake out linux world even windows or mac world :slight_smile:
i think opensuse must be forked for desktops and serversw seperately
good luck for your project.

One of Linux’s strengths is the choices it offers users. I’m sure LS will provide both improvements and drawbacks to openSUSE, but it’s up to users to evaluate it and make their own decisions.

Thanks for the support guys… Hope you like the distro. any review(s) or comment(s) will help us make LinuxShark better… :slight_smile:

Please do join our forums here :
LinuxShark Forum • Index page


Hello speedbus,

How does the release cycle of LinuxShark work?

I wanted to try it out in VirtualBox on a netbook.
Sadly it was to slow, off course this isn’t a problem of LinuxShark.

But what I could see was that the branding really needs a lot of attention.
The Grub theme and the bootsplash matched, but the login splash was a blue KDE theme.

Maybe when I’ve got time I’ll make a good review!

You weren’t able to retrieve those RPMs?
A lot of hard work gone in a few seconds.
I wish you the best of luck in making your repo again!

Does your mascot has a name?
I like it when a program/OS has an mascot with a name.
The best part of a mascot is that it could be featured in a game.

Good luck!:wink:

The Release Cycle is as follows :
Once Every 2 Months a new version is released
All versions come with LTS (Life Time Support)
We advise our users to upgrade to the latest version every 6 months (latest)

About The RPM’s :
Nope :frowning:

we are starting to build it again… maby starting this weekend…

Name of the mascot : Sharky !!

we will be having a image for Sharky soon !..



A long support cyce would make LinuxShark stand apart from openSUSE. The 8/18 sequence of oS is a drawback for many people in these forums.

A long support cycle would make LinuxShark stand apart from openSUSE. The 8/18 sequence of oS is a drawback for many people in these forums.

Just a suggestion.

I Did not understand “The 8/18 sequence of oS is a drawback for many people in these forums.” could you explain :slight_smile: