linuxrc proxy


Im building a standardized image with packer for my SLES deployment (sorry, official forums are readonly and migrating somewhere else, I hope thats ok) and I have a small issue with linuxrc. My autoyast.xml file is on a internal webserver and repositories are accessed via internet. Afaik there is no “no_proxy” option for linuxrc, if I put no proxy to the linuxrc options I can read my autoyast.xml (which contains alot of proxy configuration, pre-scripts setting proxy in sysconfig, bashrc etc, <sysconfig_entry>'s for proxy and the <proxy>) but then the installer dies trying to connect to, if I use the proxy I cant reach my internal webserver for my autoyast.xml. For testing purposes, I put my autoyast.xml on a external webserver and add the proxy to linuxrc - all fine, but thats not the scenario Im looking for. I have other alternatives, like providing the file via another way, but ultimativly Im annoyed that I can configure a proxy for linuxrc but no no_proxy or am I missing something?


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Yes, the new SUSE and Rancher Community is the place to be over at (Specifically suggest you head there to ask as well :wink: