Linux Youtube Channel

Hello All Linux Users…

Just want to let you know I have a youtube channel dedicated to Linux and Opensource where you can find lots of Tutorials, Talks, News and More… Come Check it out and Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have and Myself or Friends of Mine will help you as Best as we can…

its located at

thanks guys n gals!


+1 symon, thanks

Hey kaddy, thanks for the post. Your web site is very professional looking. So much so it initially set off our spam alarms :open_mouth: but then upon examination we realized we had a real Linux enthusiast posting on our forum. :slight_smile: Glad to have you on-board posting here. Some neat stuff on your site.

hahhahahaha. thats funny

ahwell… atleast my post didn’t get deleted :slight_smile:

thanx all
take care

nice page… but if you want more people to read it, get rid of the black background and change to something lighter (tan, grey, white) with dark text. it will be much easier to read! :slight_smile:

Hi Symon! great Channel! thanks for the post…as you i love Linux :)… I also have some tutorials in my Channel…plz guys…if u want to visit me…i’ll be glad…well i use CentOS in my tutorials :slight_smile:

Go to my channel :slight_smile:

thanks guys! thanks Symon :slight_smile:

Very nice, Symon!

I put a subscription on it. That my first on youtube. :slight_smile: