Linux VPN

I used to use HotSpotShield on windows as I am sitting behind huge firewall =)

I’d like to do the same on my Linux, and I need help in order to know which VPN for Linux are outthere, and are easiest to set up?

Also which go well on 11.2 Milestone1… or at least are tried and have some How To.

This is quite important part of my use of internet as many many sites are blocked.

What do you have on the other end of the VPN? Your decision will depend on that unless you change the other end too.

if you want to access blocked sites,
you can use TOR - the onion router (if the firewall hasn’t blocked it)
just look it up at

or you can set up your own ssh proxy tunnel,
just do a search about it in this forum,

look here:
Setting up SSH Proxys. - openSUSE Forums


Well SSH thing from the topic honestly didn’t help me that much. Or its just me that I didn’t get it.

The truth is, I dunno even if I need VPN, what I need is access to sites that are blocked. And these are not porn sites, or god knows what, but normal sites that firewall where I am blocks for various reasons. Some of those blocked ones are even newspapers for that matter.

But If you could give me suggestion for some other solution than VPN, or point me towards some step-by-step How To’s that would solve my situation, I would be more than greatful.

I’m assuming this is a workplace where your trying to connect from? If
so why not ask your IT department to allow the sites you need to access?

Else if you don’t understand ssh tunneling, then if you have a computer
at home with an active internet connection (and running linux) then
just setup NX server on the home system. You could then use the nx
client to connect and browse on the remote machine.

Note, avoiding someones firewall requirements may be in breach of terms
and conditions, so the best action is always to ask the IT department :wink:

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Actually its not a workplace, but living place and thats the problem. If I had an opportunity to browse internet elsewhere I wouldn’t mind. But I use computer for personal things only at home, at work I have to comply with IT department policies, and I do not mind, as it would only distract me :slight_smile:

But I live in a ‘special’ area, and we are all in a big lan, which has firewall, and I wouldn’t breach any terms and conditions as there aren’t any. I checked :slight_smile:

So that is kind of not an option, what you proposed :slight_smile: Although its witty, I must agree :wink:

Well, there are many ways to do that,

  1. the easiest is to use web proxy, this requires no installation, just google on anonymous proxy, http proxy, php proxy.
    or you can go here, to see what is a web proxy like:

w w w dot w o r k i n g p r o x y dot c o m

  1. configure your browser to use proxy, if you are using firefox, you could install this plugin:

and google on anonymous proxy list,
it should look like something like this

afterwards open Tools>SwitchProxy>manage proxies

Add a new entry, and follow the wizard

  1. Install TOR ,

sudo zypper install tor

just do a search on TOR in this forum for guidance

( the above solutions only work if the firewall hasn’t blocked them )

Good luck