linux-ready desktop??

I had an excellent learning experience purchasing the components(Sonata case, Intel Mobo and processor, etc.), assembling, loading SUSE linux 10.1, and installing a few additional drivers onto my present desktop computer which I use for a home computer, and on which I work from home. However, I would like to have a computer installed with Linux to work on from the office, but would like to avoid the extra time costs of assembling the hardware and extra drivers. So, I’m wondering which pre-assembled desktop packages require the least tweaking to get linux (SUSE 11.0 preferrably) working nicely on, and which should I avoid. Any tips or stories would be greatly appreciated.

Dell sells linux-ready computers. There are other companies offering them, but I can’t remember any off the top of my head. They’re all over the interwebs though.

Honestly, nowadays, you can buy pretty much any computer and expect it to work more or less with linux. I am probably very biased here, but then, I have yet to come across a computer that I couldn’t run suse on in my approximately 5 yrs of using the distro.