Linux OpenSuse Tumbleweed doesn't boot on Lenovo T410

>:(Could it be hardware related that I can’t boot Linux Tumbleweed 15.1 Install from my USB stick on Lenovo ThinkPad T410?

The error I get is::

“Non-system disk”
“Press any key to reboot”

I made the USB stick with UnetbootIn on MacOS 10.
The disk which I wanted to install Linux on is all new and shiny Kingston 240GB SSD disk. No other hard-drive is inside.
The comp. has alo have Intel PXE Boot agent code PXE-2.1 build 089 boot agent, which boot with no USB stick inside but I can’t figure out how can I boot my USB stick from it. The PXE boot agent maybe even fails to recognize my USB stick(??!)

Any help would be greatly appriciated.

Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
Likely the result of using unetbootin or should be able to use the dd command to place the image on the USB device.

So is this Legacy or UEFI booting?

Also there is Leap and Tumbleweed, no Leap 15.1 Tumbleweed (openSUSE rolling distribution), can you confirm the actual release your installing as well.

When using UnetbootIn be sure to select a mode that does not modify the iso. It should be a direct binary copy to the device (not a partition) it may be called dd mode. Anything else will fail.

lol, I am sorry about a typo I tried to type a fast a posible because I was in a hurry(eg.getting with my sister out)

I tried to load Leap 15.1 instead of Tumbleweed(the rest was all the same…eg.using UnetBootIn for making the Same USB stick) and now its loading without any problems. I m now thinking is it the poblem only with Tumbleweed or some bits didn’t get copied right or what because I used exactly the same configuration only with openSuse Leap instead of openSuse Tumbleweed.

I tried with ‘dd’ command bu the thing misrably lol. First, before the ‘dd’ command I tried to search the ‘AppStore’ and found nothing, except the “paying with credit card” type of programs, which I don’t have(actually I do, but I though there must be some “easier and quicker” way to do it, so I mus be thinking this is of course MacOS, burning a couple of images should be really eay, well I guessed I was wrong…, but let me tell it… A first I searched and found a couple of webpages which say how to do it with this program or that program, but installing all this programs, I was sure I was getting a doctorate on computer science on MacOS, but with this and that program it was allways a problem. Or it was payable from the start(even though the webpage sazs it was free), or you have to pay before burning image, etrc.(even though those stupid gazillion webpages, which are so good to missleading user telling me it was “free”)

before finally stumbling and finally deciding upon ‘dd’ command(thois when the story get even more complicated…, but I wouldn’t get into that, so here I was running dd command- At first I wonder if the program command must have stuck, just white screen, no output from the program whatover, is it really running?, etrc.) After all my USB stick is 3.1, but then I remember the openSuSe Tumbleweed image File is also close to 4GB, so ‘quite large’ so I decided to catch a break and go for a smoke and comming back it was still nothing. White screen, eg.nothing. I tried to press a few ‘enter’ keys to get a glimpse if it working or not(…how can you know, if the program isn’t working if it not showing any output??)… and decided to catch yet another break(g.going for another smoke), before I decided that the program command must have stuck and cancel it. I may have cancelled it just before the program can finish its job, or else, I may never know but really Don’t even bother. Really. Since in a next couple of moment I was so kindly relieved when I when I found that the Linux community kindly provides me with an application such as UnetBootIn, that all hi long story short can come to an end. really am glad and thanks alot. I sutmbled upon that on MacOs its even harder to burn image then on WindowsOS, or get free program for that matter then on Windows(where there is plenty of free programs)… I mean that’s one of the thing why I am getting Linux…

So the story goe ‘dd’ is cool maybe for small images, but giving large images, without at last have some clue wheres it at, its really…well, it needs an update on that for sure, to give you at least some clue where it at, for big image files… Or is that some --verbose or -v which I missed?, though those webpages never mentioned it…

On a quick note I am glad I finally start to be using Linux, its been years since my early days of Mandriva 2007. I repaired my computer and buy a new SSD just for that. I have been first stumbled upon Mandriva 2006 I thought it was the coolest thing I ever saw, really. The manager of the company where we program stuff on Linux put me though basic Linux training in like in 5 minutes, lol, but really, some tip and tricks and I was all into using Midnight Commander, vi, etrc. but coming from the window ground I was greatly impressed with some stuff… Like for instance tha Linux have no whatoever register, that it was all on /dev /proc , and all seems so simplitic. The other guy wasn’t interested as much, he was using Kate most of the time, but it was only jut one month before he bringed his computer and ask his manager to put Linux on it, (“That’s on 512MB of RAM huh?”-he was rightly impressed, maybe even more then me! with the speed and performance-eg.we still use 256 and 512 bricks(is that the right word?) back then). Thats when Compiz got out(I don’t know if that the stuff it got called back then), but how mind blown was this all-OpenGL driven deskop, moreso since it runs so smoothly, that you could hardly notice any speed difference from the regular dektop(or was it?)

But by time to time I was fed with Linux. Fed with that Linux doesn’t really have any good program(ok, blender and gimp are good examples where Linux really shines, but in those days I couldn’t and couldn’t get a good schematic program), fed with dealing with ATI video divers(sometimes it will work sometime not), fed with calibrating sound so it will produce as somehow sound as ‘perfect’ as those in Windows, fed with working with ways and arounds so I had given up Linux. So it came years before I am coming back.

So, thats my story, I m in tears but I am thankfull to be coming back after all those years lol;D

I have looked it up and unfortuntelly thre i not such an option in UnetbootIn. What Unetbootin does is they replace an installation boot program with their own, lol…

But I find a way, **** that dd not sending any output did really bother me:

After installing CoreUtils “# dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb bs=1024k status=progress” does the job.

Thanks again.

I always just use cp to copy the iso to the device (not a partition.) This works also. Key is to do an unaltered binary copy to the device. The iso is a ready to run image.