linux OpenS 13.1 wifi limited to 100 KB/s or less why?

my wifi seems to work at no more than 5 MB/s to 100 KB/s despite the fact that I have a 20 MB/s connection with comcast. it is not the internet servic because my other computer gives me 10 to 20 MB/s

Are you referring to a connection via a wireless router? How far away is your openSUSE machine? Have you checked signal strength? Interference (eg neighbouring APs)?

  • May be an issue with your router’s wireless router capability check its capabilities, whether it’s an 802.11b/a/n
  • If you have a less than optimal connection (eg multiple clients, EMF interference) or transfer files larger than a couple megabytes at a time, then you should consider changing your TCP/IP Congestion Control Algorithm from the default cubic to something like veno which is tuned to accommodate wireless type traffic. I wrote an online paper here for an earlier openSUSE, but it all still applies to 13.1