Linux on Wall Street (itworld article)

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How Linux mastered Wall Street | ITworld

I found this comment of interest:

One key attribute was the TCP/IP stack, the configuration of which determines how fast a message can be passed between two systems.

as I believe that duplicates the findings of some of the technical guru’s where I work who put Linux systems in place as servers (instead of MS-Windows servers) after a series of benchmark testings, noting the Linux servers did a better job in disseminating large amounts of data.

The sad thing about the story is that the linux kernel is abused for HFT (High Frequency Trading). This draws enormous sums of money out of the financial market structures, at the expense of real investors and the economy.

HFT: The High Frequency Trading Scam - Seeking Alpha

One can build a truck and have it used for all sorts of nefarious things.

That does not make a truck bad.

The same is true here. GNU/Linux is used in the exchanges AND it is used for MORE than just HFT in the exchanges.

IMHO your post is simply counter productive and hijacking to a thread that I was trying to establish, where the intent is to illustrate that Linux is used in different places and now draw moral issues because of a pet peeve.

There are other forums where such moral issues can be debated, and IMHO such posts as your push the intent of our rules to prevent such thread hijacking.