Linux on HP tx2-1050el

HI all,

I’m going to purchase an HP TouchSmart tx2-1050el were I want to install opensuse 11.1.

Have you any advice?

> Have you any advice?

there is no tx2-1050el on or
this page

does HP sell it with Linux installed?

if not, you DO know (don’t you?) that you may have problems with
drivers for sound, mike, speakers, webcam, display, hibernate,
suspend, temperature control, battery saving features etc etc etc…

Dell, Asus, IBM, and i believe HP (and others) sell laptops with Linux
installed…at the VERY least the installed Linux should be able to
use all the hardware correctly…

other than finding someone who has already done it, there not much we
can do but GUESS if you will have good luck, or not…

can you take a Live CD to the store and try it out?


It’s possible to install OpenSuSE 11.1 on a tx2-xx laptop, But it’s hard with proprietary component’s drivers :

  • wireless : use last broadcom sta linux driver, 17 september 2009. Issue : unable to set txpower, due to broadcom driver issue(s). Broadcom says they are working on it. If connections are difficults and/or pings slow, just try to change your wireless router channel: it worked fine for me.
  • ATI video with openGL : the proprietary driver works and enable openGL, compiz, and kde4 3d-desktop : cool.
  • touchscreen : ok with 2.6.31 kernel (from HEAD). But that is a very hard way to get all working fine, because you’ll need to setup “by hand” every specific module, including all proprietary ones. In this case, ATI driver installation is special for 2.6.31 kernel : google around it to find howto. With a 2.6.27 kernel, the touch DO NOT work.

As 11.2 release is for next month and include a native 2.6.31 kernel, it should be far most easier next month :wink:

I finally wrote this How-To : SDB:Howto install OpenSuSE on HP tx2-xxxx laptops - openSUSE