Linux Noob + WINE = ???

First off, for anyone that can help me, thanks in advance.

Up until recently, I have been a very avid Windows user, and now I have Linux, OpenSUSE 11.3.

I am trying to install wine, but…I have no clue what I am doing. I downloaded it, but I cant find an .exe file? or a Linux version, I guess.

Quite frankly, I am lost, and am completely unsure of what to do, this is all new to me.

If anyone can shed some light on it, I would appreciate it.

Hi there,

Welcome to the OpenSuse forum. I hope you find your experience with Linux and the community to be positive, I am glad you are looking at your options beyond Windows.

There is some learning, like any new thing - but take your time and if you ask good questions you will typically get good answers.

As for wine, if it is installed now (I am assuming you installed in from the Yast package manager? Add new Software?) then it is pretty much ready to run Windows applications. It will let you run .exe files, but it (itself) is not an .exe file

So, let’s say you have a Windows .exe that you have downloaded - if you click on it in the file explorer it should automatically try to launch it in wine. Or you can start it on the command line like:

$wine myProgram.exe

You can also install software in Wine, much like you would in Windows, by running the Setup.exe or other installer program from the CD, etc.

Sorry to be so vague on some of this. Let us know specifically what Windows program you are trying to run.

Also, you might check out CrossOver - CodeWeavers delivers Compatibility for Mac and Linux. Your Windows Mac and Linux CrossOver solution - CodeWeavers they tweak wine and have specific versions to run things like MS Office, etc. This is commercial software and they provide support, so that may be something to consider as well.

Lews Therin

OK no problem. As a Winders user you knew how to install stuff in MS OS’s. It is different in Linux. In Suse the best way to install programs is to go to in the menu Yast-Software-Software Management. Search for the package you want select and install.

Now you will still be confused because WINE is not a GUI based program ie you will have no “WINE” window. It is an environment that translates Windows calls to Linux calls. The first thing you want to do is configure it. Once installed go to a command line (console or konsole) and type winecfg.
WineHQ - Configuring Wine

This will open a window that allows wine to be configured. Once done you will have a directory in you home directory called .wine (not it is a hidden file) in that you will find a directory called drive_c this is the pretend drive foe all thing windows.

This may get you started but you should really read the instructions on this one.

That URL is wrong, should be

WineHQ - Wine User Guide

You shouldn’t need to configure wine for most apps.

See also FAQ - The Official Wine Wiki

As far as I know wine is installed by default in SuSE. Check that in YaSTs software manager or simply by this command

zypper if wine

One small hint: before trying to run Win-software under Linux, you should try to find out what Linux itself offers for a certain task. Wine is remarkable, no doubt, but will fail in many cases. Native software should always be the first choice.

hmmmmm . . . don’t think that is right. In all my installs of opensuse over the years Wine has never been installed by default - though is always available for install from yast.

Just as an alternative to actually using wine with windows applications . . . .
there is almost always a linux alternative to a windows application that will almost always run significantly better than a windows application under wine.

What is the application that you want to run under wine?
Someone may be able to suggest a linux alternative.