Linux MMO

Hello i was wondering if there was a good MMO someone could recommend that does not require Wine and has a linux client. Doesnt have to be RPG just MMO Thanks. Also is there one that a majority of the Opensuse people play?

Wow - TONS of MMO’s.

Or - at least - MO’s, but maybe not massively.

I’ve been playing 1100AD for the past few months - used to play Runescape. Both are platform non-specific, work fine in Linux. There are so many more, I have no idea how even to begin listing them. Go with a google, but look a little deeper - for some reason, more than a few of these games are not getting google hits, even though they should be.

I would recommend you to try out Dofus, it’s actually a pay to play MMO and it costs about 5$ a month, but it’s very nice.
It does need some time to get use to it gamestyle since it different from the generic MMO’s but it’s worth a try.

Vendetta Online has a Linux client. Its similar to EVE. Second Life is worth taking a look at.

Dofus looks absolutely strange. That doesn’t mean bad, just strange lol.

How is the community i wonder?

I’ve been playing Regnum Online for many years.

Linky: Regnum Online | Free to Play MMORPG (F2P)