Linux Mint 8 - Helena

I am pretty new to Linux and have been messing with it for about two months now. I like it very much and am still actively running with it so, it must be catching on with me.

I am now getting to the point ( …and I’m sure all new linux users get to this point) where I am exploring other distros. Do not despair though, I’m loving 11.2 and have no intention of really “switching” anytime soon. I do though, want to see what others have to offer, explore differences, etc.

With this said I have stumbled upon Linux Mint 8, Code name Helena…???.. and its my understanding that its a variation of Ubuntu, spcefically designed to be easier for the new user. Developed to be a good “starter”.

was really just wondering everyone’s opinion, insights, thoughts, experiences, or whatever regarding Linux Mint (8). Maybe someone can share something about it that I haven’t come across yet…


It’s quite impressive, a lot of things just work, and the developers do pay attention to making it elegant and work smoothly. If SUSE didn’t exist, this might be my second pick.

It is a Ub* spin off. But multi-media is supplied working at install. It’s way nicer than Ub*
I like it. And would say it’s ideal for a new user.

Linux mint is what I usually give to total beginners, then when they are ready I give them Ubuntu/openSUSE/whatever distro I feel they might want to try

Mint was my pick between openSUSE 11.0 and 11.2, since 11.1 didnt work for me well. In that time, I was Mint user and I can say all good things. What I do not like is that Mint is Gnome, and I like KDE. KDE community version is not as good as standard mint version, but still, an excellent distro.
One more thing I dont like, but this is general problem, debian way of doing things.

Now with Ubuntu going rogue, and Mint passing to Debian-based, things can go better.

yeah, I’ll be checking that out, turns out I have been primarily using gnome anyway, so that works !


At one point Mint created an experimental Community Edition based on Debian Testing. I was quite excited to see that happen, and I wished that they would have switched to Debian (proper) based. However, the experiment was scrapped, and I noticed that it’s a subject that nobody wants to talk about on the Mint forums. Not really sure what happened. Kind of disappointing…

Well, mint forums are not so active as this one… Sometimes have to wait for days to get new posts.

Yeah I’ll second that. I have started several threads over the last week or so, still no response, whereas here, I usually have at least one response within a single hour at the absolute most…

Reason is that most of the ppl look in ubuntu forums for help, totally abandoning Mint… as it is the same. Hope things will change… Anyways, I dont care too much as if openSUSE does not make some mess like (for me) was with 11.1, I won’t be installing it.