SAMBA LDAP PDC OS : Opensuse 11.3 X86-64 with full optionnal server software installed
CLIENT OS : Opensuse 11.3 X86-64 with minimal desktop workstation configuration

Samba : 3.5.4-5.1.2
Ldap : 2.4.21-9.1
Smbldap-tools : 0.9.5-26
nss_ldap : 265-4.2
pam_ldap : 185-4.2
perl-ldap : 0.40-2.4

After complete reinstall of the server and the linux client, I was able to make linux client to join the SAMBA DOMAIN.

But after reboot of the linux client, the user root was not able to log onto the domain.
Is it normal ?

A normal user logged onto the domain to become super-user ( su command ) must give the samba-ldap admin password.
Is it normal ?

On the client side, could you tell me what files must be considered and what is the difference in content from the server side files ?


Is there more config files to be considered

Concerning linux client side configuration, Is there any information/howtos I can find on the net ?

Thank you for helping me