Linux Kernel 3.3 RCX has Been Released To Test - Post Your Comments Here!

So, just wanted to mention that the nVIDIA driver 295.20 has been released and it is working fine with kernel-3.3-rc3 without making any changes to kernel source file locations. You can find links to the latest driver here: Installing the nVIDIA Video Driver the Hard Way - Blogs - openSUSE Forums ** AND **I have released Yet Another SuSE Bash Utility (YaSBU), intended to work with DKMS to install the nVIDIA driver for you and I can confirm its working with openSUSE 11.4 and kernel 3.3-rc3 and nVIDIA driver 295.20. Read more about the bash script here: S.A.N.D.I. - SuSE Automated NVIDIA Driver Installer - Version 1.10 - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

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Kernel Source file for 3.3-rc4 was released today. I found no mention at the H yet, but another was here: [Phoronix] Linux 3.3-rc4 Kernel Fixes A Peculiar 32-bit Bug]( AND rc4 installed just fine under openSUSE 11.4 and with nVIDIA driver 195.20 installed all is well so far.

Also, while I had thought I no longer needed to do this, to get the nVIDIA driver to install, I had to run the following command:

cd /lib/modules/3.3.0-rc4-0.9-desktop/source/arch/x86/include ; sudo cp generated/asm/*.h ./asm

or (As your name may vary)

cd /lib/modules/<kernel version>/source/arch/x86/include ; sudo cp generated/asm/*.h ./asm

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So far as I know, I was to remind it in kernel mailing list, well, server down.

If you build NVIDIA 295.20 kernel module against 3.3rc4 kernel in Kernel:HEAD with debuginfo symbols on, you will get errors in 282, 284 and 295 lines of kernel/nv-linux.h, which were “NV_ACPI_WALK_NAMESPACE_ARGUMENT_COUNT” and “NV_ACPI_WALK_NAMESPACE_ARGUMENT_COUNT value unrecognized!”. <= 3.2 is okay with that. so it must be a kernel affair.

you can also modify NVIDIA-Linux-x86*/kernel/, find CFLAGS= and add -I**include/generated/ thing there.

I agree with the second fix you mention, but the first was easy to perform using a bash script as follows:


#: Title       : userfix
#: Date Created: Sun Feb 19 12:24:18 CST 2012
#: Last Edit   : Sun Feb 19 12:24:18 CST 2012
#: Author      : James D. McDaniel
#: Version     : 1.00
#: Description : 
#: Options     : 

version=$(uname -r | cut -c -3)
folder="/lib/modules/$(uname -r)/source/arch/x86/include"
if  "$version" == "3.3" ] ; then
  if  -d "$folder" ] ; then
    cd $folder 
    cp generated/asm/*.h ./asm
    echo "Kernel Fix for nVIDIA driver was executed!"

exit 0

# End Of Script

I then have added the following line to my /etc/init.d/after.local script file.

# Run User kernel source fix file

if  -f /usr/local/bin/userfix ] ; then

Since I play around with kernel versions all of the time, this fix only applies if its a 3.3 kernel.

Thank You, has just released kernel-3.3-rc5 today. You can get it here:

I have just compiled and installed it using SAKC, you can find here:

And I am using the new SANDI script with DKMS to reapply the nVIDIA driver into new kernel:

You still must apply the fix I mention in message #25 here after you load the new kernel. I have found new info on kernel 3.3 at the H Open Source:

Kernel Log: Coming in 3.3 (Part 2) - Filesystems and storage - The H Open Source: News and Features

Hopefully you are able to read this stuff even with the many gateway errors we seem to be having on this Saturday 2-25-12.

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Not sure what the deal is, but just in case others run into this with 3.3.0 RC5 the generated directory isn’t in:
I don’t know if its a mistake in packaging or not, but I found mine in:

source in the first one is really just a symlink to something in /usr/src

Not sure why it got split out into the -obj directory

It kind of makes you wonder if there will be other problems with rc5?

This change you have found seems to exist in all 3.3 rc versions as far as I know. Its the reason the nVIDIA driver will not compile. I am running the following code to move source files around.

version=$(uname -r | cut -c -3)
folder="/lib/modules/$(uname -r)/source/arch/x86/include"
if  "$version" == "3.3" ] ; then
  if  -d "$folder" ] ; then
    cd $folder 
    cp generated/asm/*.h ./asm
    echo "Kernel Fix for nVIDIA driver was executed!"

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Sure, what I was getting at is that there is appears to be a difference even between rc4 and rc5 at least on openSUSE.

I have compiled/loaded the latest RC kernel release kernel-3.3-rc6 using SAKC onto my newly installed copy of openSUSE 12.1 (up from 11.4 after a hard drive failure of /home). All is working fine after the update. I have installed the latest nVIDIA driver 295.20 using SANDI and DKMS. Nothing new to report as the rc6 just seems to work fine for me.

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I noticed distinct differences: -rc4 booted faster and cleaner, but was prone to crash for several differrent (and NOT repeatable) situations. -rc5 seems to boot much slower, and the only noticeable problems are with 1 ) KDE desktop effects + powersaving profile (unplug, changing to powersave profile crashes X server) and 2) DM gdm seems to “lose” the date and time (DM kdm is OK).

-rc6 just popped up, so I will check it before punching out more 'zillas.

Note: The date/time problem, first thought to be CMOS, seems related to systemd and/or Intel graphics, and does NOT occur on ATI graphics. Also, a hard power-off (I know, not a good idea) shows no evidence of superblock date/time corruption.

Further, I am running “almost” factory Xorg on the Intel laptop. That may have a lot to do with the problems. If I can not identify the culprits, I can back off Xorg and test the kernel again.

I see that the H Open Source has another installment in their kernel 3.3 Series:

Kernel Log: Coming in 3.3 (Part 3) – Architecture and infrastructure

by Thorsten Leemhuis

A long line-up of changes to the code for memory management will fix problems and improve performance in some areas. The kernel now supports the Large Physical Address Extension (LPAE) and boots on x86 EFI systems even without a boot loader. Read More …

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Kernel Log: Coming in 3.3 (Part 4) – Drivers**

by Thorsten Leemhuis

**From Linux 3.3, the nouveau driver will support newer GeForce chips and Intel’s RC6 GPU power saving technology should finally work properly. The Poulsbo graphics driver and some Hyper-V drivers have left the staging area, while drivers for Android have entered it.

**Read More …

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Just found and installed Linux 3.3.0-rc7-1.2-desktop x86_64 into openSUSE 12.1 tonight. All is working just fine and no problems to report. I was thinking this might be the final release, but I guess not. I found this from Linus:

[TD=“class: lp”]From|Linus Torvalds <>|
|Date|Sat, 10 Mar 2012 14:09:04 -0800|
|Subject|Linux 3.3-rc7|


I had been hoping that -rc6 would be the last -rc, but no such luck.
Things just haven’t calmed down sufficiently for me to feel comfy
doing a final 3.3 release without another -rc, so here we are: 3.3-rc7
is out.

Now, none of the fixes here are all that scary in themselves, but
there were just too many of them, and across various subsystems.
Networking, memory management, drivers, you name it. And instead of
having fewer commits than in -rc6, we have more of them. So my hope
that things would calm down simply just didn’t materialize.

I really would prefer not having an -rc8, though. And I do think we’re
in fairly good shape, I just didn’t think we were quite there yet for
a release. Thus this will hopefully really be the final -rc.


Thank You, mainline is 3.3
Index of /repositories/Kernel:/HEAD/standard is at 3.3
waiting for 3.4 or will it be 4.0

On 03/20/2012 04:16 PM, dale14846 wrote:
> mainline is 3.3
> ‘Index of /repositories/Kernel:/HEAD/standard’
> ( is at
> 3.3
> waiting for 3.4 or will it be 4.0

It will be 3.4. Do not expect 4.0 until after 3.30+. Linus bailed on 2.6.X when
X would have gone from 39 to 40.

Well we have come to the end of the line for this message thread as kernel 3.3 final has been released. I see that my first message was on 19-Jan-2012 and today is 20-Mar-2012, so we made it through a final kernel release is just two scant moths this time. In any event, I guess that openSUSE 12.2 now has a stable kernel 3.3 base to build upon. In a separate note, I also see that kernel 3.2 has made it up to 3.2.12, which seems interesting in such a short time span, at least to me. just s before, everyone is welcome to post some final words for kernel 3.3 rc’s as another goes final on us.

Thanks as always for all of your comments you have posted to this thread.

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Updated early this morning too new kernel

Its been in use now for about 6 hours without a hitch


A780GM-LE, AMD Phenom™ II X4 940, Linux 3.3.0-1-desktop x86_64,
Desktop: 4.8.1 (4.8.1) “release 483”, openSUSE 12.1 +Tumbleweed (x86_64)
ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics

I know its late, but updated yesterday to kernel 3.3, so far so good except watching TV with a Tevii S470 is now extremely choppy. I wend back to the latest 3.2.10, no issues with that one.