linux is running slowly

I have tried liveCD, but open suse is running so slowly. Will it be faster when I install it? Thanks

Specification of your machine? RAM? CPU?

And also the Gnome version is somewhat lighter than KDE which requires a moderately modern machine. If yout tried KDE and found it slow, maybe you can try Gnome.

And over at Ubuntu’s they have a XFCE live cd which is quite light. OpenSUSE does not have a live cd for XFCE but you can select it during install.

On Tue, 23 Feb 2010 20:36:02 +0000, aira13 wrote:

> Hi,
> I have tried liveCD, but open suse is running so slowly. Will it be
> faster when I install it? Thanks

Generally, yes, because hard drives are faster than CD/DVD drives - when
you run from a LiveCD, you’re running from the slower media.

But without knowing the specs, it’s hard to say how much of a performance
difference you’re likely to see. If you’ve got a quad-core system with 8
GB of memory, it’ll perform pretty well. If you’ve got an old Pentium II
system with 32 MB of RAM, you may not see much difference in performance
because the I/O channel is unlikely to be the bottleneck.


Jim Henderson
openSUSE Forums Administrator

Or to put it short: most likely it will be faster.

Genuine Intel(R) CPU T2250, 1.73 GHz 0.99 RAM

I installed KDE and Gnome on the same PC and observed no difference in speed.

There is an XFCE liveCD for openSUSE-11.0.

There is also an openSUSE-11.2 live CD with Enlightenment (called SOAD - SuSE on active diet) which is significantly faster and significantly “lighter” than XFCE.

Re-reading this reminded me that one can also, when installing from DVD, select a minimal X install, and then apply the LXDE pattern (via a zypper command) and use the LXDE desktop, which is signficantly faster and significantly lighter than Gnome, KDE, and XFCE and probably close to being on par with Enlightenment. SuSE - I do not recommend the 1 click but rather I recommend one use the zypper commands.

Of course LXDE being light weight it will NOT have all the features of Gnome and KDE.

So that’s nearly 1GB RAM? Should be adequate. Are you running some kind of 3D desktop? You have to explain what slow means for you. Slow is subjective.