Linux headed off at the pass...again.

I think it was pretty smart move on Nokia’s part, IF they got a good price from Microsoft. … Assuming they got a good price, in part it may have been due to the perception that Linux was an alternative, and they may have been able to use that to lever Microsoft … but thats all pure speculation on my part.

Your link was broken … I think you meant this: Nokia’s new Wintel netbook: what happened to Maemo + ARM? - Ars Technica

You can install Linux on it anyway, little birds (cough) have already told me it’s not a problem.

> IF they got a good price from Microsoft.

i’d bet, after you figure in the ad revenue, sales and commissions
they get from all the “trial versions” included their ‘price from
Microsoft’ is EASILY covered, plus they would EARN a profit…

that is, it would cost them MORE to load a “free” OS like Linux…

Linux would be cost free, and profit free…

MS didn’t get to be the dominate force in non-enterprise user space by
not figuring out ways to get their product on new hardware!!