Linux games market

Hi everyone !

I had an idea but I am not a dev and I can’t doing anything. I don’t know how purpose this idea. You know it exists now desura and in a few weeks steam for linux. But choice of games is really limited. The idea is to create a private instance of OBS for game editors and a market like Ubuntu store, or better a simple pluggin.

  1. Editors create a txt file where they describe attached sources are an engine or a game, name, categories, and dependencies (pkgconfig)…
  2. In game domain, a lot of datas are redundant : OBS generates debian/rpm/arch… based spec files.
  3. When build process is finish, editors submit packages on main repo build service. Contributors verifies the quality of packages then accept or decline the submit.
  4. Games are available on store. A system like storage services (rapidshare, mega…) generate link to rpm/deb…


  • Fully natives (i386/586/686 and x86/64) : repect of FSB
  • updates are easier
  • all games use an update engine
  • work on all distributions

I know it is crazy but with support of important game editors, It could be a reality ! Because this system simplify work of everybody, don’t requires an important contribution of all. I just wan’t to know if some devs could be interest about.

Best regards.

I think you have a good idea and I know there are developers out there working on a solution to get more game platforms developed for the Linux platform. I see a lot of games which run in the browser, but then require DirectX support or some other requirement only a Windows distro can provide. I have tried a couple of different areas and talked to a few people and this (gaming) is an area that could definitely use some attention.

For now, when I want to play games I’m using an X-Box over my desktop, but it would be nice to see some development in this area.