Linux from China

One thing that is very troublesome is that the Linux community not recognize China. Most Internet applications seems to be in one way or another hard linked to different Google domains. IE, etc.
That is you do need an AdBlocker. But it seems that all lists ave exceptions for *.google, facebook, twitter, you tube and so on. All those are blocked from China. Therefore you must block them unless you want to wait for a time out.

Is there any way to redirect IE to instead on the browser side?

Now I run firefox with only my blocked domains. I do not know what imlications it has not to be able to access
Another thing is that it is impossible to use any Chrome or web-kit browser as they do not work without google.

That is very easy to do.
That is what your hosts file is for… You can edit it directly or use the YaST module.

For whatever entry you place in this file, it over-rides what any other name resolution method (like using DNS) provides.

I imagine if you do a web search, others probably have pre-built hosts files with their own hosts file entries… you can either copy and replace the hosts file in your own machine or manually enter those entries.

And, generally speaking hosts files should be distro agnostic (all Linux use the same file, exactly). In fact, it might even be that Windows hosts files use the same format (I haven’t looked into that).


I can confirm that Windows, Apple and Linux all use the same format hosts file; only the comments in the files are different.