Linux Desktop Computers with openSUSE?

I have been looking around for a new desktop pc in the UK but so far have not found a single company who sells desktop computers with an openSUSE Operating System installed as default. After using Ubuntu type distro’s for so long i thought it about time that i start using a better more polished operating system such as openSUSE. I am determined not to use Windows but finding a UK based Linux desktop computer manufacturer is not so easy. Would really appreciate any help or advice plus links. Thanks

Many on-line computer outlets offer the option to “customise” a desktop PC, including generally, the option of no operating system. Why not go down that route? (If you want pre-installed openSUSE I’d be very surprised if you found it, but, who knows? *buntu maybe…)

Just three, more or less at random. (Note: I’m not recommending or endorsing these suppliers.)

I always by a desktop where then Windows is already on it. Never really start it, but install openSUSE on the whole disk: Windows gone pffffft.

Of course I have paid to MS then and when you can fin hardware without any OS that might be cheaper. Even hardware with e.g. Ubuntu installed, which you then replave with openSUSE, might ne cheaper then one with Windows because you pay for the act of installing Ubuntu, but no license fee of course.

While they will not install openSUSE on it for you, you can order a computer to your specification without an OS from in the UK and then install openSUSE on it yourself.

When I bought my current desktop computer at Dell, I looked for one with linux on it. And it turned out that I could buy the same computer with either Ubuntu or Windows. But there was a discount for the Windows version, so that’s what I bought.

While I am not sure about in the UK, I know in the US the OEMs pay the license fee for Windoze, so purchasing a pc with Windoze pre-installed is the least expensive option. I just purchase the pc with the hardware specs I need, then install Opensuse. It’s much less expensive than buying a barebones pc with no OS.