Linux-Crash after scrolling

I have a problem with suse 11.0… (KDE4)

  1. My computer crash (doesnt react anymore) after scrolling any window with the mouse… (I think it is a graphic problem… I have a FireGL 5600)

  2. Everytime i try to start another session in linux i get a black screen (i always have to reset my computer to keep working!! )

Does anybody have a similar problem and knows how to solve it?



Do you have any video driver installed?

If not, try this page: OpenSUSE Wiki: Driver Configuration

Considering your card is an ATI, follow the link for the ATI driver from the page above.

Hope that solves your problem. :slight_smile:

I have the ati-driver installed for my fgl graphic Card and my system recognize it too… fglrx and X11
open GL works too… Driver looks like its well configurated!!
Could it be a KDE4 problem??
Thanks for the quick answer!!

Are you running anything like Compiz(-Fusion) or another enhancer? :slight_smile:

I dont think so… but how can i find out if i am using any??

I already find out and i am not using any compiz-fusion or similars…

linux always crash when i work with pymol or with sybyl…