Linux box disconnect when clicking on settings button on VIRTUALBOX

I am testing the possibility to copy VM to different hosts.
I have created a VM from scratch.
Have copy whole file from the directory of the new VM to USB stick.
Have remove the VM fromVirtualbox
Have created a new VM by specifying the existing VDI file ( copied back from USB stick to harddisk )
After creation, Unable to enter into VB settings when clicking on setting button.
The system disconnect and return to logon screen.
But I can start the virtual machine.

Config :
Opensuse 12.3
Virtual machine : Windows xp pro
Virtualbox : Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.2.10-84104

Any help is welcome

Does the vdi belong to the same user at all Systems?

Are you by any chance using the 32bit package on a 64bit system?

I’ve experienced such X crashes with google-earth (which is a 32bit application) when the 32bit Mesa libraries were missing…

You could also try to install virtualbox from this repo:
Index of /repositories/Virtualization/openSUSE_12.3

I could not say if I have carefully download the right program, normally I should.
As I am making some test with BACULA, I am making a fresh install. I will give you some news when I will be ready for retesting the Virtualbox scenario.

As I am testing some windows programs and backup-restore VMs, I am doing the test on the same box under the same user.
I have copied the whole directory ( the one with the VM name ) to an usb stick, then destroy the directory on the box, then copied back the directory image from the stick to the box.

After reinstalling os 12.3 and following this thread : Copying virtual machine to another machine (different OS) -

                                 **[Re: Copying virtual machine to another machine (different OS](**]( **[mpack](** » 15. Mar 2013, 13:50 
                        Just copy the VM folder and register the .vbox file using *Machine|Add...*  on the new host . You may need to edit the .vbox file so that paths and  device names match conventions on the new host. Any bridged adapters  will need to be converted to NAT or bridged to a NIC that exists on the  new host.

No problem running on the 2 VM.

Thread is closed.

Thank you everybody for helping.