Linux Action Show - openSUSE 13.1 review

Linux Action Show did a review on openSUSE 13.1 yesterday, so I thought I’d just post it in here. They seemed fairly exited :slight_smile:

Linux Action Show – openSUSE 13.1 review

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Thank you for the post. Not quite sure how they can review it before it’s released and there’s no suggestion that it was
a development version they were looking at. I suspect the cat is let out of the bag for a select few.

Chris’ comments are interesting. He listed the new features at the beginning of the review and then comments on all the
things he liked. However, there was very little/no overlap with the many things he said he liked and what it is new to
13.1. I believe that his increasingly positive feelings towards openSUSE is more a reflection of his growing familiarity
with the openSUSE rather than the remarkable and very real improvements the distribution has enjoyed over the last few
years. Perhaps now he has installed openSUSE 13.1 on his studio box, his review of 13.2 may be more up to date.

One of Chris’ suggestions was however a good one. Having an application within YaST to browse through the
search-database for packages listed is definitely something presently missing from existing
versions. If such an application already exists, perhaps it should be installed by default.

I’ve had the GM .iso files for a week now, I suspect they reviewed using the same ones.

They essentially reviewed the RC probably, but its close enough to final.

Review or not, this release is AWESOME to say the least. This is the first release since 10.0 that I actually love and I feel KDE is properly integrated and mature. Not to mention the stability improvements, everything works out of the box and performance improvements.

The fix of the CPU governor dramatically improves performance on AMD cards. Compared to 12.3, the general gpu performance is sky high. CONGRATS SUSE DEVS. You really did it this time.

Sorry if post is annoying for anyone. I am extremely enthusiastic. :smiley:

I installed today openSUSE 13.1 in a VM and so far it’s been quite fast and snappy. haven’t discovered any bugs yet (unlike 12.1 and 12.3, which were buggy as hell).

but the graphics are awful. they’re bland and boring looking. my current 12.2 with kde4.9 looks tons better. until I manage to give it a similar shine, I won’t install it…