Linux 9 years ago

From the archives: the best distros of 2000 | TuxRadar

A blast from the past. What will Linux be like in 9 years time, one wonders.

AHH!! nostalgia ! i still have my old SuSE install disks (SuSE 7.0 no less ) & install them when i have a nostalgic moment


Interesting … nine years ago in year 2000, I was still pretty new to Linux (having only been using Linux since 1998) , and I was feeling pretty happy with myself that I was successful in getting Red Hat 5.1 running on my old Compaq LTE5200 laptop (replacing Red Hat 4). The fact that Red Hat was already up to Red Hat 6.1 at the time, goes to show how far “behind the 8 ball” I was in those days.

My Compaq LTE-5200 laptop (with 84MB of RAM and a 120MHz Pentium processor ) was 1996 vintage, and so in year 2000 it was feeling pretty old and very slow.

It wasn’t until later that year (2000) that I finally broke down and purchased a desktop PC, for both myself and my girlfriend at the time to share (her running WinME and me running Red Hat 5 (and 6 for a very brief time, before I switched to SuSE in 2001)).

… The positive side of all this was my girlfriend and I later got married. … but thats another story. lol!

No accounting for taste then… referring to Win ME of course … :wink:

Presumably she will never be able to say “You just want me for my WinME”. :wink:

Ooou. OMG.

Cringe - I wonder if we will say the same 9yrs from now - Looking back at kde4?

Nice find. KY

Ten years ago Linux was making a big splash.